Relief Terrain Pack 3.3 (RTP)

Relief Terrain Pack is a must-have asset for anyone planning to make a game with a terrain in Unity. RTP allows to you create quality terrains that are simply impossible to create with Unity’s terrain editor alone. This asset allows to create advanced terrain geometry such as caves, adds AAA pbr shaders, and provides a myriad […]

Stop a moving rigid body in Unity 5

I had a problem with a car using a rigid body component where the car will continue its rotation and motion after I change the car to a position. I was able to solve the problem by freezing the rotation and constraining the position of the car while changing the car’s position. IEnumerator tempFreeze(Rigidbody rb, float […]

How to fix NPCs passing through walls in Realistic FPS Prefab

While adding doors to the Unity asset RFPS Prefab, I ran into the problem of the NPCs being able to walk through non-trigger colliders despite being properly configured with layers, physics, and colliders of their own. The problem with RFPS Prefab’s stock NPC prefabs is that they have a kinematic rigid body component by default. […]

How to fix pink water in Unity

The water prefab in Unity’s standard assets has bugs by default. If you search FX-Water in your Project window and click on the FX-Water script, you will likely find Unity complaining about compile errors in the inspector; undeclared identifier ‘unity_ObjectToWorld’. The problem is that unity_ObjectToWorld variable is used without being declared. Here is how to fix […]

How to hide child nodes in DAZ Studio

DAZ Studio is a fantastic 3D program for creating characters for games, and movies. If you plan on using characters for games it’s necessary to optimize them as much as possible and this involves removing geometry that’s hidden, and decimating the characters below 65,000 verts, if you want to keep the morph targets in Unity. These morph […]

How to show a temporary popup in a paused escape menu for a Unity game

Most menus in Unity will set the time scale to 0 in order to pause the game. This will prevent other timed coroutines from running. The way around this is to create a coroutine within a coroutine.   public static IEnumerator WaitForRealSeconds(float time) { float start = Time.realtimeSinceStartup; while (Time.realtimeSinceStartup < start + time) { […]

Loading a saved player position in Realistic FPS Prefab

I ran into a strange situation while setting up a save system for a Unity game using RFPSP (Realistic FPS Prefab). RFPSP player has a root named “FPS Main” by default. FPS Main is positioned in the editor to determine the start position in the game, the FPS Main object then disappears, its children are […]