How to hide child nodes in DAZ Studio

Daz Female

DAZ Studio is a fantastic 3D program for creating characters for games, and movies. If you plan on using characters for games it’s necessary to optimize them as much as possible and this involves removing geometry that’s hidden, and decimating the characters below 65,000 verts, if you want to keep the morph targets in Unity. These morph targets can be used in assets like MegaDaz, or Salsa for making character’s talk. The problem with DAZ and removing geometry is that every node must be hidden individually. So if you want to hide legs when the character is wearing pants and shoes, you have to go through the whole hierarchy below the waist and hide each node individually, and there are a lot nodes to click through.

The solution is a script that hides all selected nodes. If you right click a parent and click to select children, you can effectively hide the whole hierarchy by running the script once, a huge time saver.

Here’s the code:

var startNode = Scene.getPrimarySelection();

if ( startNode ) {

var nodes = [ startNode ];

nodes = nodes.concat( startNode.getNodeChildren( true ) );

for ( var n = 0 ; n < nodes.length ; n++ ) {

nodes[ n ].setVisible( false );




Select all items you desire to hide and run this script from the Script IDE under Window -> Panes (tabs) -> Script IDE.